Johnston Civil have completed dozens of residential subdivisions over its 40 year history from seven lots to over 100 lots in all scope from earthworks, drainage, service roading to landscaping. Johnston Civil have worked with many clients and have an enviable reputation with consultants, engineers, local authorities and clients, which has resulted in much repeat business over the years.

The Tosswill Road subdivision for Prebbleton Estates (learn more here) required two downstream defenders to be installed which have an invert of nearly 7m deep and are the biggest to be installed in the South Island to date.

Johnston Civil have had to sheet-pile and dewater the pits. The units were 3.8 metres wide and were transported by road from Auckland to site. As these were over-sized loads, they required pilots and cranes to install them onsite. Another example of Johnston Civil's experienced crews providing a turn key package from start to finish.

Below are some of Johnston Civil's more recent subdivision projects, including but not limited to:


  • Mountain View, Leeston 24 Lot – Residential
  • Cornwall Heights, Lyttelton 9 Lot – Residential
  • Cashmere Estates, Westmorland 7 Lot – Residential
  • Croftfield Place, Westmorland 12 Lot – Residential
  • Parkside Estate, Leeston 18 Lot – Residential
  • Maddison Gardens, Rolleston 18 Lot – Residential
  • Oak Tree Lane, Southbridge 16 Lot – Residential
  • Doyleston Downs, Doyleston 21 Lot – Residential
  • Selwyn Business Park, Rolleston 24 Lot – Industrial
  • SSK Developments, Leeston 27 Lot – Residential
  • Millbridge Stage 1, 24 Lot – Residential
  • Millbridge Stage 2 50 Lot – Residential
  • Woodlands Subdivision 30 Lot – Residential
  • Millbridge Stage 3,4,5 50 Lot – Residential