Tosswill Road Residential Subdivision

This ongoing development involves the installation of all services and roading for a new 40 section subdivision. Originally farmed for lucerne, JCL have removed all existing green material and stripped away the topsoil to allow for engineered fill to be imported and compacted to reach the required sub-base level. The top soil has then been reinstated and levelled ready for housing. 

This subdivision will utilise a low pressure sewer system, allowing for the controlled transfer of sewage in a far more efficient footprint than conventional sewage systems. This is connected to the existing sewage system further down Tosswill Road. Two large ponds at the Trices Road entrance to the subdivision have been created to collect stormwater. These ponds will also act as the catchment for the Trices Road water race, providing treatment of stormwater before it continues downstream. The water race will be hard-piped in 600mm diameter concrete pipe to Tosswill Road.