International Rental Car Precinct

Johnston Civil has experienced crews able to create onsite design works and all types of site works, including setout, excavation, base course drainage with its certified and registered drain layers along with kerbing, sealing and landscaping if required.

These sites require a lot of patience and working closely with all other tradies and contractors on site. The sites in Christchurch were challenging ones. The new Lichfield Street car park building and the International Rental Car Precinct were time consuming and required careful planning with the main contractor, Leighs Construction for the Rental Car Precinct and Clearwater Construction for the Lichfield Street Car Park buildings.

Johnston Civil had been contracted by Leighs Construction to complete the dig out and foundation works on the International Rental Car Precinct. This was especially challenging due to a high water table due to the close proximity to the Avon River. Tasks included adding 8 metre sheet pile around the site perimeter, and digging out areas for onsite petrol and diesel tanks. The site was particularly challenging as a large building was constructed on a small footprint with deep grid type foundations, involving close coordination between Leighs Construction and Johnston Civil Ltd to ensure a great result.