River Dredging

Johnston Civil have extensive experience in river dredging with long reach excavators and barge work. All machines are fitted with 3D GPS to enable accurate underwater works and asbuilts through the GPS systems, enabling the operators to closely maintain profiles and record data to confirm the quantities and profile required. All machines are filled with biodegradable vegetable oil and extensive silt and oil booms are as much as of this work as the dredging itself.

JCL have a very close relationship with CityCare in this work and value their expertise and ongoing working relationships.


  • A Volvo EC240 with a 16 metre reach was used and converted to operate with vegetable oil instead of hydraulic oil, meaning environmentally friendly machinery.
  • Sediment traps were employed to capture any detritus caused by dredging operations.
  • Highly skilled and competent operators using the latest methodologies.
  • <li 0px;="" font-stretch:="" normal;="" line-height:="" font-family:="" "helvetica="" neue";="" color:="" rgb(69,="" 69,="" 69);"=""> A successful project delivered by all involved.