Gillanders Road Bridge

Johnston Civil has completed a number of culvert and bridge jobs in the Canterbury area. With a good range of experienced operators, structural people and plant, Johnston Civil have the capability to fulfill the requirements of any large culvert or rural bridge requirements.

Johnston Civil were asked by a Canterbury farmer to help design and build an access bridge for his cattle, allowing the cattle access to an adjacent paddock. The Johnston Civil engineering workshop built an I-Beam driver specifically for the job, which drove the I-Beams into position and foundations were fixed to the river bank. Concrete filled risers and gabion baskets were then used as to retain the riverbank and prevent further deterioration.

A crane was then used to lift two container flat-racks into place, acting as the foundations for the bridge span. The bridge deck was fixed to the I-Beams to prevent further movement.

Before any construction work commenced Environment Canterbury was consulted, and the river was then diverted to allow access. Once the bridge span was in place we redirected the irrigation pipework to run alongside the bridge.

By working collaboratively with the farmer he was able to complete some of the works using farm resources, an innovative, solution-based approach that reduced project costs.

Another project successfully completed in collaboration with one of Johnston Civil's rural clients.