Doyleston Cattle Underpass

Johnston Civil Ltd were engaged by a Canterbury farmer to build a stock underpass.

The scope included raising the road height by two metres and diverting the drain on both sides, as well as installing two culverts and adding a cattle corssing over a stream. A Traffic Management Plan was drawn up and submiitted to Selwyn District Council (SDC). This allowed the road to be closed in order to complete the main works.

Installing ducting under the road allowed us to get power from the main line to the nearest power pole on the property.

A new vehicle entraceway runs adjacent to a catle crossing. The crossing leads cows to a new underpass.

Subsequent beam test results showed compaction to be of a very high standard, exceeding the existing road construction.

We were able to assist our client reduce costs by helping him use his own resources where practicable. We installed two chambers designed to contain any liquids draining from the underpass, allowing the farmer to pump them out when required. Drains on both sides of the road were shaped to reduce slope severity, increasing driver safety.

Johnston Civil Ltd completed another large scale project on time and to the agreed budget.